Process Belarus 2020

The photographs in the project I created as a citizen.

Taking pictures on the streets of Minsk in June-November 2020, helped to get rid of fear, taught courage. Courage: to be subjective and openly take sides, because when you are “hunted” like a wild animal by people in black- the ethical code of a journalist can wait until peacetime. Going out with a camera and knowing that you can be arrested much earlier than peaceful protesters, because you do not just take photographs, but document crimes against unarmed people.

Photos about large-scale mutual assistance. Books will be written about this: drivers who took out people from acceleration; local people who kept house doors open and hid protestors in the apartments from being shoot, bitten, or killed… Photos about family and friends with whom we became even closer thanks to Sunday walks and phone calls: after the rallies, we traditionally began to call up and find out how things are if everything is fine. Photos are about honest and courageous people who continue to fight for more than 2 years.