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I am a visual artist of photographic and cinematic media: publications, exhibitions and photographic installations. My artistic focus is to develop narratives for different visual media analog, digital and transmedial. My photographic works deal with themes of space, time and identity. These themes can be realized in a narrative sequence, in an abstract light painting, in a play with empty space. Since graduating in film directing from the Film University Potsdam-Babelsberg and as an artistic photographer from Central Saint Martins College London, I have cooperated with various institutions, clients and universities in photography and film, research and teaching. I lecture about photography and film at colleges and universities since 2005

For the 2019 Hansestadt Stendal scholarship, I created a series of photographs that deal with the urban space of Stendal. During my stay in Stendal from August to October 2019, I found the late summer light very special. I was fascinated by the way it was reflected on the different coloured surfaces of the town houses in the town centre and in the surrounding villages. I liked this late summer light atmosphere, which I wanted to capture photographically in its play of these nuances of different colourfulness. Using a Dacora 35mm camera, multiple, long and overexposures were used to visualise the special late summer light atmosphere in Stendal by roaming around the city space around the Wallpromenade and along the five bus routes in abstract colour paintings. The method for finding of ideas was a dérive through the urban space.