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Two mechanics in a Lada, a big grin on the back seat, a motocross poster instead of a window pane … Illusion mixes with reality. Wit and seriousness, speed and calm, emotion and coolly calculated form are poles in his photographs, between which the people in urban living environments of his series of works “metropolis” move.

“The city is a stage for me”. René does not sit still and at some point randomly presses the shutter release of his camera. Accuracy and concentration are as much a part of his way of approaching his subject as curiosity and respect.

His photographs speak directly to the viewer and tell simple, but also multi-layered and profound stories and awaken hidden memories. In a mixture of intuition and calculation, he brings the composition and dramaturgy of a vivid scene to the point with image detail, light and time. His pictorial language and narrative style are more like a tale or novella, in which the author uses every means at his disposal to work purposefully towards the climax of the event. He describes the process of his encounter with the motif up to the photograph as follows: “There are images that come to me and there are images that I trigger”.