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In 2013, she won the “Regards Sans Limites” grant for creation in France. His first works will circulate in the Greater Transfrontier Region in Europe, as far as the French Institute in Milan. They will be selected in various national and international competitions.
Initiated as part of a creative residency with the “CRI des Lumières”, the photographer is developing since 2018 a long-term project that looks at the younger generations in different territories. “RAS Campagne”, the first phase of her research carried out in rural areas, obtained support for the creation of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs and the Grand Est Region (FR).

Her images are part of certain public and private collections and recently an extract of his works joined the collection “La Malle” of the artist collective “Sleep Disorders” whose traveling exhibitions circulate between Paris, Brussels, Berlin and across the Europe.


In the manner of a diary in which the real and the imaginary cohabit, this series of photographs retraces a journey through my childhood memory. Through familiar places, I wanted to take the paths again to redefine the images and draw up the portrait of a revisited intimate territory. 
The landscapes in which we grow up shape us, tell our story, crystallize in them moments, even periods of our life. They are part of it… “Restes à venir” is a work on this memory, on the question of memory and its confrontation with the present moment, on what will remain of the present found in what is to come.

Series produced with the support of “Regards sans limites / Blicke Ohne Grenzen”.
Grant for creation in favour of young photography in the Great Cross-Border Region 
( France, Germany, Luxembourg ).