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Aside from his artistic outlet Wolfgang Zurborn is continually interested in communicating the wealth of media photography. Thus he ran the gallery Lichtblick in Cologne together with Tina Schelhorn for 36 years. They have shown round about 200 exhibitions with contemporary national and international artists.
He founded Lichtblick School in 2010. In addition, he is a member of the committee of the German Photographic Academy (Deutsche Fotografische Akademie). Furthermore, he has several teaching assignments at German universities and imparts his knowledge in many international workshops.

About Crowds

Complex meshes of relations of people in aggregations of various natures are made visible in multilayered color photos in the sense of Street photography. I took these at political, religious, touristic, sports, and entertainment events. The character of such events is amazingly similar since they all seek to attract through overstimulation.
Covid 19 has put a sudden end to this spectacle. Aside from the catastrophic consequences, this imposed stop in an overexcited mass culture may also have a positive aspect. I want to question the key interest of people to live a self-determined life with the project CROWDS.