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Obscure Object

Why some women are veiled and others not? … A simple question that worried the teenager I was – in Cairo’s seventies – and never left me. Over time, I heard answers, more or less convincing. Some fell within the religious precepts, others were about morality, others of custom, when the three are not confused … With the resurgence of fundamentalist trends in recent years arguments have been exacerbated.
Among arguments there is: A woman is a temptation that man must be preserved from. Also: You cannot let your own treasure be revealed to strangers’ eyes. Statements set out by men but also defended by women.
These answers have begotten other questions: Why women should be veiled and hidden to men’s desire? What about women’s desire? Could this be a confession that women have a better control of their drive while men are but beasts that cannot escape from it? Either: Between Men and Women, the haggled marriage does it eliminates the seduction? What about power relations and property?
By irony, I return the argument by veiling men who would be irresistible temptations for the women and to avoid them to fall in sin. I therefore designed this series of images of attractive but veiled young men, posing following the example of the feminine fashion magazines.