Ruth Stoltenberg

Portfolio Ruth Stoltenberg (Born 1962 in Saarburg, Rhineland-Palatinate) was a TV editor before she concentrated on photography. She expanded her knowledge of photography at Neue Schule für Fotografie in Berlin and at Lichtblick School in Cologne. Her work focuses primarily on historical, abandoned, and changing locations, having an intense look at their history. Her works …

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Jindrich Streit

Portfolio Jindřich Štreit Jindřich Štreit was born on 5 September 1946 in Vse- tin. Since 1967 he has been living at Sovinec in North Moravia, Czech Republic. Between the years 1990-2003 he taught externally in the Department of Photography at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Music and Drama in Prague. Since …

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